Stackpole Quay and Barafundle Bay….

A damp and mizzly day today- all day infact so we went out anyway! We parked up in NT car park at Stackpole Quay which was very busy, I guess because it wasn’t a beach day, and wandered down to the Quay to watch a group of Kayakers on their way out.

Following the coastal path in a southerly direction up above the Quay with an opportunity to look back down on the little harbour (which probably looks very different on a better day when the sea is turquoise in colour).

Further up the land flattens as you walk along the grassy cliff top with some fantastic views on a clear day! We paused for a while to look down on the pretty Barafundle Bay.

We decided against going on down to the beach and continue along the coastal path to Stackpole Head as visibility was so poor, that we would rather come back another day and visit it properly.

In the gloom you could just make out the natural gaps in the rock that they call Lattice Windows.

From here we decided to continue our walk inland, there is a whole network of walks across this 2000 acre estate and a large expanse of water in the centre (Bosherton Lakes) towards which we made our way.

The Eight-Arch Bridge which is one of several spanning these waters creates a wonderful focal point.

As the weather is not showing any signs of improving we decided to call it a day and hope that we can make a return trip when visibility is improved.

Two thoughts of the day:

Once you go about half a mile in radius beyond a car park the people traffic drops away to almost nothing!

Come back soon heatwave – please.

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