The sun shone on Broad Haven, Sandy Bay and on Barafundle today….

Oh yes, the sun is back, after a slightly hazy start it was back good and proper for the rest of the day. We drove to the Broad Haven car park in the Stackpole Estate, which was very busy, but fortunately quite a big car park and joined the coastal path. The first view, on reaching the cliff edge, is the spectacular Church Rock, sitting proud in Broad Haven Bay.

To the right are views towards Long Matthew Point and to the left towards Stackpole Point.

Today our journey is taking us to the left and very quickly our first glimpse of Broad Haven.

Wow, a beautiful, crescent shaped sandy beach with calm sheltered turquoise water, busy but still room to breathe!

It was too busy for us, so we skirted round the back of the beach and over the dunes, up onto Stackpole Warren. We walked along the cliff edge path to enjoy the stunning views and very slight breeze! Around Saddle Point with a view from the other side of the beach.

And also down onto Sandy Bay, a treat of a sheltered, sandy bay only accessible by boat.

As indeed was the case for the next two coves, Raming Hole and Mowingword.

Though for those who rock climb, there are pegs all around Stackpole Head, so I suppose that would be an option also! I have never really thought about climbs having names but how wonderful are these?

The view from Stackpole Head is quite something and needed to be enjoyed.

We had another chance to see the Lattice Windows and how very different to them being shrouded in mist, just two days ago?

And this is what Barafundle Bay looks like today.

Our return journey took as further inland across the warren, to give Poppydog a chance to run around through the long grasses and ferns, though we did sneak another look at Sandy Bay, which has now got quite a collection of visitors.

From here we cut inland to the Bosherton Lakes for Poppydog to enjoy a nice cooling swim.

Refreshed, we sat on the headland enjoying the view and activity in the sun for awhile, before returning to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

Either we are being very lucky or there really are many less holiday makers here than in Cornwall!

Mindyou there are an awful lot of stunning beaches to choose from!


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