Back to Dale then on to St Ishmael’s and Little Haven….

Cloudy day all day today but still pleasantly warm and dry. We thought we would carry on where we left off yesterday and complete this section of the Pembrokeshire coastline, so we drove to Dale again, parking as before. It was still very busy, with lots of people out on the water and drinking and eating outside the various cafes and pubs – nice atmosphere here. We walked out of the village past the castle?

Over the headland to Westdale Bay, a pretty little sandy cove down some steep steps.

From here we wandered back down to the village – quite a view, with the castle to the left, the village and Dale Roads in the background- a large ship in the bay.

We returned to the stony beach along Pickleridge, where we left the car and as for yesterday had a play on the beach before setting off to St Ishmaels. We parked up at their sports ground and took the footpath that runs alongside out to the coastal path. From here there are spectacular views across Dale Roads out to sea.

Heading East (left) we soon found Lindsway Bay, another sandy gem down some very steep steps.

We continued along the path to Great Castle Head, with the original intention of continuing on to Sandy Haven, but alas time was not on our side, so we returned to the car to move on – after this shimmering proof of the sun being up there somewhere!

From here we drove down to Sandy Haven, but we couldn’t find any vehicular access or glimpses of the beach / estuary so decided to continue on to our final stop – Little Haven.

As it was gone 5, the parking was free and the village was still buzzing, lots of drinking and dining alfresco and still plenty of activity on this small sheltered sandy beach – if there had been a pasty shop – we too would have dined alfresco – but!! As the tide recedes it is possible to walk around the cliff to The Settlands another sandy cove and from there onto Broad Haven.

Another glittery pool out to sea is as far as the sun was going to appear today – with that it was time for us to head for home and tea!

Two thoughts of the day:

How strange that it only appears to be the towns and cities that have had their names anglicised and the villages just are – well already quite pronounceable!

No Pasty shops!!


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