Freshwater West and around the corner to Angle…..

A lovely sunny day for us today, definitely cooler, especially in the breeze, but a great day for walking. Today we headed for Freshwater West, a lovely long sandy beach, very busy for about 200m either side of the main car park, the rest of it though, relatively quiet. This is quite a remote beach with no houses, just a burger van and a fair bit of free parking, surrounded by farmland and Military land.

After a nice walk along the beach, we settled in the middle where it was quiet, on the edge of the stones, that run along the length of beach, to keep Poppydog entertained and then just people watched in the sun, how lovely. Though the surf wasn’t particularly lively today there were plenty of surfers loitering in the water just waiting for that wave!

After a while we walked up the road (east), which doubles as the coastal path for this stretch, to see if we could get a glimpse of Frainslake Sands, which is behind Military lines (well ok then this side of the Artillery Range we met at Stack Rocks yesterday), but no the road is not close enough to get a look. So we returned back to the car and travelled a couple of miles down the road (west) to Angle, where about a mile further along is the beach of West Angle.

More sheltered than Freshwater West, a lovely sandy bay, this was it not far short of high tide so I imagine a lot more sand is exposed at low tide. And look at this beautiful little lagoon at the far end of the bay.

We walked a bit further up the coastal path to a viewing point to look at the Fort on Thorn Island which is apparently under private renovation having been allowed to fall into disrepair for the last 17 years.

From the viewing point we found access down to a deserted pebbly little cove and enjoyed a paddle and Poppydog pebble hunt in the afternoon sun – aah happy days!

Two thoughts of the day:

Well we have spent six weeks in Pembrokeshire and seen pretty much every beach – all of them stunning!

The sea is so lovely and warm at the moment – sitting on a rock with your feet in it, is sooo relaxing 😎


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