Today we visited Laugharne and followed in Dylan Thomas’s footsteps…..

A very heavy shower caught us on our morning walk and how! However, as is the way, it stopped raining as we got back and though quite cloudy stayed dry for the rest of the day, with the odd bit of sunshine too! Today we planned to visit Ginst Point and Laugharne (pronounced Larn – so why not spell it that way?) Sands but it was closed!! I knew there was a risk that the Military may be on exercise and it be closed off to the public, but unfortunately there is no way of finding out beforehand. Never mind we continued a couple of miles down the road to Laugharne, the home of Dylan Thomas, a smallish village on the Estuary of the River Taf. Still determined to atleast see the beach we set off following the Dylan Thomas Birthday Walk!

Up St John’s Hill catching glimpses up the estuary towards Pembrey.

Back down the other side, from here we detoured off the Birthday walk which just went around the hill and joined the coastal path looking for the footpath to take us across the marshes to the dunes (edge of Laugharne Burrows) which is as close as you can get. However after quite a search, the footpath appeared to be barred by a locked gate! Though I have clambered over gates in the past, this field had a herd of cows in it, so we gave it a miss and wandered back to the village. From the village, we continued our walk around the castle.

On past the Boathouse, Dylan Thomas’ family home, with exceptional views up the estuary.

And as the sun was now joining us, enjoyed a while taking in the distant views and watching the incoming tide cover the sand and mud banks.

Two thoughts of the day:

Ah well perhaps some beaches will just have to remain a mystery – incidentally this is the opposite end of Pendine Sands.

I’m afraid that having read a few of Dylan Thomas’ poems that are scattered about the place on plaques, I can’t really make head nor tail of them!


2 thoughts on “Today we visited Laugharne and followed in Dylan Thomas’s footsteps…..

    1. Could be! His writing shed – perched up above his house with clear views across the estuary would certainly provide a fab inspiration for anyone’s artistic talent! But yes let us indeed carry on raging against the light!

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