Rain, rain, go away!…..

I know we need rain but if it could just rain over night we would all be happy, but it has rained here from Friday night through to lunchtime today, which to be honest is just not acceptable! Yesterday we walked for the shortest time and distance I could get away with (Poppydog!) but today as it dried up for the afternoon, we took a long walk around the lanes to a little place called Landshipping – nothing spectacular about the place, just a few houses really, but it was the nearest point from here to access the river Daugleddau and I like to have a purpose!

The walk was very pleasant, as there were very few cars around and it is mostly open countryside and farmland around here, we passed the little parish church of Martletwy.

After quite a while we arrived at the river.

As you can see not very scenic! Mudbanks, water, the odd boat and trees in the background! Oh well not everywhere can be beautiful! No welcoming dip for Poppydog – she was not even allowed close- can you imagine?

A peaceful walk back to site and we both feel better for the exercise.

Two thoughts of the day:

We have visited over 60 beaches in Pembrokeshire – wow – and walked along most of the coastline!

I think that deserves a glass of wine 🍷


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