Cwm-yr-Eglwys – what a find…..

Another grey day, a bit of damp in the air but not enough to stop our travels. A bit of a long drive today as we had to pick up where we left off from St David’s, from where we got as far as Fishguard and Lower Town. Our first port of call was Pwllgwaelod, a little shingle and greyish sand cove (it was high tide when we arrived) just a half a mile walk from Bryn-henllan where we left the car.

The beach was deserted so Poppydog got some off lead time, chasing stones before we took a stroll through the valley that separates Dinas Island (now an headland) from the mainland and found the lovely little hamlet of Cwm-yr-Eglwys (pronounced koomer egg lewis!!!) at the other end.

This would be a great place to rent a cottage, with the fabulous sheltered bay for swimming, kayaking etc. all on your doorstep (literally). The water was lovely and clear and though the beach was mostly shingle with patches of dark sand, I for one would be quite happy sat with a good book or just watching the world go by. It was clearly quite popular and as you can see at high tide very little beach to go around and strangely the beach front is a disused graveyard with the remains of an ancient church all that was left after the Pembrokeshire coastline was hit by terrible storms in 1859 (the Royal Charter Storm).

With a last look out across the bay, it was time to follow the track back up to the car.

Our next stop was Newport the small Pembrokeshire town not the big dirty city we visited earlier in the year! We found a lay-by to park in along the banks of the River Nevern and followed the gentle footpath along the Bank to the mouth of the estuary.

The main, lovely long sandy beach is on the opposite side of the estuary to the town but at low tides it is possible to easily wade across.

On the town side there were numerous pebbly coves allowing easy access to the water and you clearly have to own a kayak to live here!

Rather than head round to the sandy beach, we decided to follow the coastal path, heading back towards Cwm-yr-Eglwys and enjoyed stunning views across the bay.

Another nice little place especially for pottering on the water or walking.

We had planned to pop down to see Cardigan Bay also on this trip, however today was their ‘Carnival’ so we thought again!!

Two thoughts of the day:

TV reception is pretty poor this evening, not sure why as it isn’t windy or wet?

Not too impressed that the nights are noticeably drawing in.


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