Back to Newport to enjoy the beach….

Damp again over night through to the morning but then clearing up with a fair bit of sunshine in the afternoon. Today we returned to Newport to get a proper look at the beach. Parking up in the same place as yesterday, we this time crossed the bridge over the river.

We took the footpath on the north side of the river, which took us along the riverbank, across the golf course to the beach.

A lovely dune backed sandy beach. A few people around but by no means crowded. Parking here is £5 per day – glad we parked for free up the road!

We found ourselves a quiet spot as the sun came out to play and Poppydog chased her tennis ball and dugs holes.

Shortly after we arrived in the beach a flurry (not sure what the collective noun is – probably fleet or flotilla- any how flurry works for me!) of small yachts appeared from the estuary out into the bay where it looked like preparations were under way for some racing.

What a perfect afternoon!

As the tide receded we decided to follow the beach around to the estuary and came upon lots of families on the Newport side, waiting for the tide to allow them to wade across to the by now huge expanse of lovely soft sand.

Our return journey was now mostly possible along the shoreline.

Two thoughts of the day:

Another nice holiday spot, especially for those as keen to get on the water as into the water.

Where were we without book exchanges?


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